SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE MIND by HARV EKER: 17 Things the Rich Do and the Poor Don’t

Today, I will summarize one of my favorite books called the secrets of the millionaire mind written by Harv Eker. In the book, the one that talks about seventeen main differences between the rich and the poor.

Please keep in mind that when I say millionaire I mean people who have won their millions through moral and ethical legal forms and when I say poor, I don’t mean to belittle poor people.

In fact, I have been poor most of my life when I say poor. I mean their mentality, the computer or phone you are using has two main parts, the hardware part and the software part.

Similarly, humans also have two main parts: their physical body and their mindset. The mindset of a person is their software.

If something is wrong with that hardware, part of your computer like the keyboard or the screen, you can change it easily. But if you have problems with the software, you can’t use your computer. It’s the same with humans.

If you have a poor person mentality, you cannot be rich. This book will help you upgrade your software to the rich version. If you read this post till the end you can, and whoever has read this book because I have covered all 17 differences in one way.

The rich think big, the poor think small

First difference, the rich think big, the poor, think small, have you ever gone grocery shopping and spent several hours in various stores to be able to find the cheapest things and save 50 or 60 cents? If you have done this, then you have a mentality.

Poor people sorry to say that, but let me explain, of course, its not a bad thing to save money while shopping, but this changes when it comes to how much you will save compared to the time you will spend saving it. If you spend an hour to find the cheapest oranges or tomatoes for save 60 cents, your hour is worth 60 cents.

Compared to this rich people, don’t mind saving 60 pennies understand the value of their time and are constantly thinking of new projects or things they can do to make the value of their hour equal to $6,000 or $60,000.

Rich people choose to be paid based on results, poor people choose be paid over time

Second difference: rich people choose to be paid based on results. Poor people choose to be paid over time many times.

I hear how people complain about more salary just because they have been working for the company for more than five years, but in reality things don’t work that way. For example, if they spent 80 hours producing a low quality, video you’ll only watch it because i’ve spent 80 hours making it.

Of course, you don’t you don’t care how much time i’ve spent making it you only care if the video is good for you or not. If you just stop watching it, nobody cares how long you dedicate to nothing. The real question is: if you can deliver something valuable, it is about the result, not the effort or the time spent.

Rich people think both poor people think either one or the other poor people feel like It’s not enough

Third difference, Rich people think both poor people think either one or the other poor people feel like It’s not enough, and you can’t have it all. Rich people think there’s plenty for everyone and you can have everything you really want.

Poor people believe, in scarcity the rich believe in abundance. You want a successful career or a close relationship with your family. How about you both want to focus on business or have fun and play how about you both have a blonde or mulberry girlfriend?

What about both and the last one was a joke, but you get the point. The rich want. Both the poor always choose one. The poor see the world as a cake and think everyone will take a piece and the cake will be over soon.

On the other hand, the rich people see the world as an open buffet once something when It’s over, the waitress will add more and you can eat as much as you want.

Poor people think they have to choose between money and other aspects of life. You have to choose between money and happiness. No, of course not money is important, and happiness is also important. You can have both a lot of people have negative feelings about being rich. They think that getting rich makes you bad bar.

That’S why they think they have to choose between being rich and being a nice person, so they choose to be nice and stay broke. You’Ve probably heard someone say that person really changed after they got rich or money changed this person a lot. I really think money doesn’t change. You money makes you more than you already. You are.

If you are a kind person money makes you a rich and kind person. If you like helping other people money, makes you a choice to help more people. On the other hand, if you are a jerk money makes you a rich jerk. If you do bad things after getting rich means, you were already bad having money just made it obvious.

Rich people focus on opportunities units, poor people focus on obstacles

This is my favorite. Whenever I come up with a new idea, I share it with people for feedback. It is very rare to see someone who acknowledges the problems related to the idea, but at the same time stays focused in the opportunities it can bring.

I almost always hear tons of people telling me how my idea will fail and that’s how they think poor people constantly see obstacles, risks and always focus on problems, while rich people focus on opportunities, people, poor people make decisions based on fear. Their minds are constantly searching for what is wrong or what could go wrong in any situation.

Their main mindset is what, if it doesn’t work or many times it won’t work, I’m not saying don’t deal with problems by managing them problems as they arise, but don’t let fear and problems hold you back if you focus on the problems, you will have problems If you focus on opportunities, you will have opportunities, it is a simple universal law.

Rich people associate with positive and successful people, poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people.

In a nutshell, if you want to fly with the eagles, do not ship with the ducks.

If your goal is to be rich, then study rich people spend time with rich and successful people and use them as role models. Do what they do read what they read. There is a reason why they are rich. For example, if you want to create a successful channel on youtube, find the successful channels in your field and study what they do study, what kind of content they create, how long their videos are, what kind of style they use. If you take exactly the same actions and have the exact same mindset, you are likely to get very similar results.

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When I give this advice, people get very angry and tell me so you want me to just copy others. You want me to don’t be original. That is just steal, other people’s work. No, I’m not saying anything like that for some reason. These days people want to be mark, zuckerberg and invent the next facebook.

If you’re a regular guy like me, then you have a better chance of be successful by modeling, successful people, and that doesn’t mean you’re not original. For example, if you decide to create the summary of the same book that I’m summarizing now using the exact same animation format that I’m using now using the exact same background music, your content will still being unique because you have a unique voice. You have a unique way of explaining things. Even if you do the same, your content will still be different from mine. By the way, you have probably noticed that there are already many channels that are doing exactly the same as me, but despite that, this channel is growing.

Please don’t get me wrong. Im not trying to brag about myself say, look guys how great is my channel. The reason I’m talking about me is because you and I can easily relate if I give you an example of the founder of amazon. You’Ll – probably find it hard to relate to his story, but you and I are two simple guys trying improve another complaint. I hear a lot is that I don’t have rich people around me.

So how can I surround myself with rich and successful people? Look, you don’t have to have them. You can just find successful people and read their books about their videos. You can’t ask ours to go out on with you, so you can study it and get in shape, but goddamn. He has tons of videos and has written a book.

So why don’t you read his book or watch his videos? I personally don’t have any rich friends around me. The authors of these kinds of books are rich friends for me. I meet them reading their books watching their videos and listening to their podcasts.

Rich people knows what they want and are committed to getting it, The poor just want to be rich

Imagine that you and your friend are walking around downtown and you want to eat a baguette. Your friend walks up to the stand and says hello. I want to buy a baguette for please give me a baguette.

The vendor behind the booth will most likely get confused and ask what kind your friend wants, because there are many kinds of baguettes.

This is exactly the same approach. Poor people use when it comes to getting rich; they just want to be rich, but they don’t know what a rich life is like for them.

If you don’t know exactly what you want, then the girl selling the baguette will give you whatever baguette she chooses and you will walk away now. Imagine you walk up and say hello. I want a tuna baguette with smoked cheese, but I don’t want this type of bread.

Give me that dark bread with sunflower seeds don’t put onion cucumber tomato and make it toasted guess what the girl will give. You will do exactly what you asked for the same way: the rich don’t send mixed messages.

Only the poor do the number one reason most people don’t get. What they want is because they don’t know what they want. You should know what that rich life is like for you, and you must have a plan to get there.

For example, for me, the rich life means having the freedom to work. Whenever I want wherever I want, I want to be able to take a taxi whenever I want, I don’t like taking public transport and feel sweaty, especially if I go to a meeting important when I go to a restaurant, I want to be able to open the menu and choose what you want without looking at the price column.

First, I want to be able to take my parents on vacation lines twice a year. I want to be able to help people around me when they are struggling financial. I want to be able to get up at eleven o’clock on a Tuesday morning and go for a walk in the park and just breathe.

I want to be able to go to the gym or in the middle of the day and come back whenever I feel like that’s my rich life, and I have the plan on how to get there.

Rich people are willing to promote themselves and Their worth, poor people think negatively about wealth, selling and promotion.

Let me explain it this way. If you had a cure for some kind of disease, you would hide it and use it from a person who was suffering from it. I don’t think so. If you think what you have to offer can really help people people, it is your duty to promote it.

It is your obligation to promote it by not promoting it. It is not really serving people. Maybe the product you are selling is the product that can change.

My life, but if you are not promoting it, then I am losing the opportunity to change my life promotion will suffer, is one of the biggest obstacles to success. People who have problems with selling promotion are usually banned carrot.

How can you generate a great income in your business if you are not willing to? Let people know that your product or your services exist regardless of the work you do? You must be good at sales and promotion.

Almost all aspects of our lives involve sales, for example, when you are trying to convince your partner to go to a restaurant instead of shopping, you are selling. When you are trying to convince your daughter to study, you are actually selling right.

Now I am selling. I am selling you my video and you are paying for it with your time. You are paying for it with minutes of your life and I am not ashamed to sell my video. I am not ashamed to promote it and ask you to hit the like button and subscribe, because I know that the ideas in these types of books can really help. You change your mentality.

By the way, I have started a new channel where I will share different types of videos about money and entrepreneurship. If you are interested, the link is in the description of this post

The rich believe that I create my life. The poor believe that life happens to me

If you want to create wealth, it is important that you believe that you are the one behind the wheel, the poor people travel through life as passengers.

On the other hand, the rich always sit behind the wheel. Did you ever realize that it is usually poor people who spend a lot of money playing the lottery? They actually have high hopes that someone just tries to pick their name of a hat and give them money and eventually make them rich, is that it says that poor people also justify their situation. They say things like money is not important. Happiness and love are important.

This kind of comparison is not correct. Let me ask you a question: is it important your leg or your arm? You are probably saying which question is so dumb, of course, both are im important things. You are absolutely right. They are both important in the same way that money and happiness are important.

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Money and love are important. Food and water are important. The poor also blame others. It is never their fault, it is always their fault, others always act like victims. I have two cousins who grew up in the same own: they went to the same school, they had t e same teachers and they both had p or parents.

Today, one of them is ve y successful and the other is not, and the m st interesting part is that they both use. The s me reasons for his current situation. The poor cousin blames the poor education system on poor parents, the government and the system for his failure.

On the other hand, the rich cousin used the same reasons to succeed. He says he knew the school system was bad and my parents, they were poor, and that’s why I started educating myself and learning new things.

I don’t blame anyone or anything. Another reason why poor people are poor is because they complain when, when people complain, they focus on what is wrong in their life. What you focus on expands, so they keep getting more of what is wrong.

Rich people manage their money well and poor people manage their money.

Poorly money is just a tool like your computer or your phone. That requires you to learn how to use them. We spent many hours learning how to use the computer, but when it comes to money, people ignore this simple fact and don’t want to pick up a book and learn how money works and how to manage it.

To me, this is crazy, because money is something we sell our lives for working 9 to 5 every week, but when it comes to learning how to manage it, many people fail with the number of poor people who complain about their financial situation. You might think it would make sense to learn the basics of money, but that is almost never the case. The rich are not smarter s that the poor simply have different and more supportive money habits to master money.

Start managing my money as soon as I have money its like an overweight person saying I will start exercising and dieting as soon as lose 20 kilos. First start managing the money you have properly. Then you will have more money to manage if your son can’t even keep up with his bike, would you buy him a car of course not. The same logic applies to the universe and to you the universe says up that you prove you can manage what you have.

You will live longer. The author says: even if you borrow money to live, you still need to learn how to manage that money.

The most important thing is to exercise your money management muscles so that it becomes a habit, develop the habit first. It is very important, for example, if your goal is to go to the gym every every morning to be able to squat 100 kilos. You must first learn how to lift a 1 kilo blanket before lifting 100 kilos of heavy weight.

If you don’t have the habit of lifting the blanket and getting out of bed, then there is no way to reach your goal to manage your money.

Well, the author recommends creating five accounts. Investment account gaming account education, account, donation, account and expense account. You must put 10 percent of your income after taxes into your investment.

Account is the account that will create the goose that lays the golden eggs, and that recommends also putting an amount equal to 10 percent in your gaming account.

The money in the gaming account should be spent at the end of the month on fun activities. You should spend this money in a way that helps you to feel rich and happy. If you always keep saving eventually, the fun-seeking part of you will sabotage your other accounts.

The rich are bigger than their problems, poor are smaller than their problems.

The secret of success is not to try to avoid or get rid of your problems. The secret is to grow to be bigger than them. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. You are going to face problems.

The size of the problem is never the problem. What matters is the size of you, the bigger the problems you can handle the bigger the business you can handle the more responsibility you can handle the more employees you can handle and the more money you can handle things we call problems are really just situations we Make them a problem respectively?

Some people make them a problem and others are not even affected. How the same situation can be a problem for one, but not for the other depends on the person depends on. You can be fired and be depressed all day and complain, or you can use your free time to create your own business.

Rich people are excellent receivers, poor people are poor receivers

A poor receiver is a person who cannot receive well and we receive praise. Compliments money, gifts and many other things. Many of us have trouble receiving such things.

The author. It says we’re conditioned that way. We grew up and we hear stuff like that. It’s wrong you’re not doing it right. You did all those sentences, it strengthens the feeling of not being good enough and not feeling good enough is one of the reasons.

We’Re receivers, poor people from now on, take everything someone offers you. If someone tells you that you look good and thank you instead of they don’t look horrible today, It’s that simple, just say thank you and get your compliment.

Whoever says It’s funny when they’re in broke and saw a penny on the ground, I never stooped so low to pick up a penny. Now that I’m rich, though, however, I pick up anything that even looks like money after a good luck, kiss and declared out loud I’m a money magnet.

The rich play the money game to win, the poor play the money game not to lose

In sports teams that play strictly on defense and no offense have a hard time winning. Unfortunately, most people play the money game on defense, where their main concern is survival rather than wealth and abundance. The poor want to have enough money to pay the bills.

The intention is something very important and when your intention is to have enough money to pay the bills, only guess that is exactly how much you will get nothing else. You have to aim high. You must shoot for the stars so that you can at least hit the moon.

The author says that if your goal is to feel comfortable, you will probably never have get rich, but if your goal is to be rich, you will end up very comfortable.

The rich have their money working hard for them, the poor work hard for their money

The one who says I agree: you have to work for your money for the rich, this situation, It’s only momentary for poor people. It’s endless the rich believe that for their money to work hard and take its place, you must first work hard. They also know that the harder your money worked, the less work you have to do.

The first goal should be to become financially free and do it as soon as possible, the one that defines financial freedom in a simple way. Financial freedom is the ability to live the lifestyle you want without having to work or depend on someone else for money, and how is that possible? You need passive income.

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In short, you become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses. Many people can’t tell the difference between being rich and being financially free.

Think that you must first be rich to be financially free, but it is not true. Financial freedom comes first because it is easier and faster to do. Let me ask you a question: is it easier to climb a ladder that has only ten steps or a ladder that has a thousand steps? Of course, the ladder of ten steps is easier. True, using this analogy, we can say that becoming financially is like climbing the ladder of 10 steps and getting rich is like climbing the ladder of a thousand steps.

First, try the easiest goal and be financially free. Once you have the passive income and you don’t have to work for anyone, you can use this free time to get rich and he says in his seminar that one of the students realized that if she just rented his apartment and moved to a cheaper place, his Passive income from rent would be enough to cover everything.

It’s her expenses plus she might even save some money and that’s exactly what she did. She rented her apartment. She moved somewhere, cheaper and more exotic and she became financially free.

Only then she started building her business and getting rich, so first focus on the ten rung ladder and creating enough passive income so that you don’t have to work for someone once this is done, then you can think of the rest.

There are two main sources of passive income: the first is money working for you. This includes investment earnings from financial instruments such as stocks, bonds or other assets that appreciate in value the second main source of passive income business working for you.

This involves generating ongoing income from businesses that you do not need to be personally involved in for that business to operate and you provide income. The simplest example of this may be real estate.

The rich focus on their net worth, the poor focus on their earnings

When it comes to money. The common question people ask is: how much do you make the question? What is your net worth is rarely heard by a small number of people put it this way. Wealth is measured by net worth, not earned income, it always has been and always will be, to find your net worth.

All you have to do is add up the value of everything you own, along with your cash and investments like stocks, bonds, real estate and the present value of your business.

If you own one, likewise the value of your residence, if It’s yours and then subtract, anything you owe net worth is considered the ultimate measure of wealth, because if you have to what you own can be turned into cash after calculating your net worth draw a vertical line on a page put zero at the bottom of the line, and at top of the line, write your desired net worth, let’s say a million dollars once you have your current net worth on this line and how far you are from the desired amount periodically say every month, or every quarter, check.

This line and update accordingly, even if you are currently at or below zero, I would still recommend doing this exercise, because what you track improves difference number 15, the rich act, in spite of fear the poor. Let fear stop them in book x.

He talks about the manifestation formula. According to this formula, thoughts produce feelings, feelings, lead to actions and actions lead to results.

For example, if you think of a donut, then it creates a feeling of wanting a donut, and then you stand up and go buy a donut. If this process is repeated constantly, you gain weight, thoughts and feelings. Feelings are part of your inner world. Being overweight is part of your outer world. Action is the bridge between the inner world and the outer world.

If there is no action, your thoughts and feelings about being rich are useless. Many people read these kinds of books to being rich, but most of them don’t take action and apply what they learned. It’s not about how many books you read It’s about how many books you apply in real life reading, but not taking action is like looking at the picture of the girl you like on facebook all day, instead of going to talk to her face to face.

If action is such an essential role in achieving success, that it prevents us from taking these actions, fear fear doubt and worry – are the most common barriers not only to success, but also for happiness. One of the biggest differences between the rich and the poor is that the rich are still willing to act, even if they feel fear, even if they feel uncomfortable The poor.

On the other hand, let fear hold them back, they don’t want to feel uncomfortable. If you are willing to do what is comfortable, life will be uncomfortable, but if you are willing to do what is uncomfortable, life will be comfortable enough. Fear and discomfort will not. They should stop. You fear is a product of the mind. Your mind is a fear.

The moment he starts to do something uncomfortable your mind, will show you dozens of horrible cases to stop you our mind is the best writer of horror, scripts training and managing your own mind is the most important skill you can have.

The rich constantly learn and grow, the poor think they already know it

Whoever says the three most dangerous words are. I know that the question is, how do you know you know something here is the answer. If you live it, you know it.

Otherwise, you haven’t heard, and you read or talk about it, but you don’t know it frankly, if you’re not rich and happy there’s a good chance, you can still learn a lot of things about money.

Success and life. Consider this, if you’re not as successful as you’d like there’s something you’re, not you know if you’re not rich, there are a lot of new things you need to learn and apply. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

The rich admire other rich and successful people, the poor resent rich people and successful

When I was in high school, there was a very rich man and every time I saw him drive through our neighborhood in his new mercedes. I could hearing many negative stories about his luxurious life. Every time I asked if they knew what he did for a living.

No one could give me a precise answer, but almost everyone assumed he was doing criminal work and that he was evil. Several years later, I had the chance to talk to this person when I was doing my internship and I found out that most of his childhood had been spent in poverty, which motivated him to work more and eventually became CEO.

After meeting this person and hearing his life story, I realized poor people, often look at other people’s success with resentment jealousy and envy.

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